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Feb 25 2020

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Client Testimonials

Out of respect to my clients I have left out their phone numbers and company names. If you would like to contact them I would be more than happy to provide that information to you

I should never allow the kids to grow up and leave the house as they could fix everything! Then I found YOU!!!!

You fixed my old computer many times and you programmed my new computer, plus my wife's lap-top. As you did this I observed you, but did not ask questions. When you were finished, you sat me down and in the simplest verbiage possible you explained what you did. I understood all of it! You taught me preventative care plus a twenty four hour problem call service.

I thank you for your knowledge; I thank you for you promptness; I thank you for your sincere dedication to the computer industry and finally, I and AARP thank you for your patience with the senior citizens in Southern California. All the best on your new venture and I for one shall support you in anyway I can.


Neal W. Raffler

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I have known Scott Johnson for several years in a business capacity and I will assure you that he is of the highest level of professional ethics.
He has always taken the task at hand as his first priority and I am sure that whatever project you give him, he will give you more than 100% effort and will probably surprise you with better than expected results.
Thank you,

Ted Walters

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