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Oct 23 2019

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Whether it’s bringing in a new server or it’s time to retire your old server certain steps must be accomplished. We not only are trained in but have been working with the server environment for many years and have maintained server environments for most of my clients. We have introduced, implemented and maintained application servers, email servers, blackberry servers as well as upgraded and replaced older servers offering as little downtime as possible.
Exchange Servers
Black Berry Servers
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Blackberry Servers

Configuring server services are critical
Such as

Active Directory
File Transfer Protocol
Virtual Private Networks
Domain Name System
Dynamic Host
Configuration Protocol
Windows Internet
Naming Service
Simple Mail
Transfer Protocol
Routing and
Remote Access

Security is a key element in the server environment. Wrongly configured areas of your server can lead to unwanted users accessing your files without your knowledge or worse yet deleting files you need. Most companies have policies in place that must be enforced. I make sure that your company policy is in place and that no user has access they should not have

So many times have We showed up to a clients thinking that everything was in place after being told by their technician only to find that this is not the case.

we offer an outside point of view with nothing but respect for you and your company’s privacy and can make sure that all your policies and security are in place