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Remote Access

Feb 25 2020

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Remote Access / Remote Support

Remote Support
So many of my clients have found having remote access to needed company files while away from the office to be time saving. No more needing to be in the office just to check on an email from the companies email server that was once only accessible in the office, or the need to go to the office to follow up on a word or excel document that is on the system at work. With Remote access we can utilize the tools that Microsoft has already given you from the start. Configuring a secure connection from either your laptop or home system to the office and using Remote Desktop you can have the ability to either work from home on your office system or just check a file.

Once a client is established we like to set up a secure remote connection to their office offering remote support with their consent. This gives us the ability to dial into their system at any time they need and resolve any issue they might be experiencing. We have found this to be extremely effective and preventing down time. This well eliminate the waiting time for us to arrive onsite and allows us to tend to the situation in a timely fashion.