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Network Solutions

Feb 25 2020

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Microsoft Certified Technicians


Whether it’s two or more computers in your network wired or wireless, PC or Macintosh We can help make all your files available to you when you need those most. Need a central location for all employees to access their files? Or are you having trouble accessing company critical files on the network?

Allow us to come to you and assess what is going wrong or what can help you achieve your goal at no charge to you.
Switch, Routers
We offer free office and home visits with no travel charge. The best way we can help you is to see what is happening in your environment. We can then make the best decision for you and offer a solution. Every scenario can bring about different results

Are you unable to access the internet? We have seen network devices such as routers fail to give you access that you are accustomed to. We have seen bad network cabling miss diagnosed as bad network hardware and cost clients more expense than was necessary. We can test your device and cabling to make sure it is not failing or miss configured.