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Feb 25 2020

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Both onsite and offsite backups are crucial to a company’s data security.

Most disasters happen when we least expect them to.

It is our goal to make sure that all our clients are prepared for such disasters as Theft, Flood, Fire, Earthquake and accidental deletion.

When data backups are in place there is no need to worry about the hardware, all that can be replaced. It is the data that is irreplaceable. Offsite backups are great and strongly encouraged but what if disaster were to affect you? How long will it take to get your data onsite in a format that can be replaced to get you up and running with minimal downtime?

There must be some sort of onsite backup as well as offsite to minimize that down time.

There are ways to automate your backups and make sure you are notified should a backup job be missed or fail. It is so imperative that your backups are current and up to date. Also if you do have current backups in place, how often are they tested to verify the data integrity? Is everything you need to have backed up truly getting backed up?

We make sure that all our clients backups are up to date, test them at least twice a year. And make sure they are prepared for any disaster before it happens

Don’t wait until you experience a disaster, allow us to come to you, look at your current situation and make sure you too are prepared and ready for anything that comes your way.